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Focal dystonia is a movement disorder that precludes the execution of fine motor skills. Although research on focal dystonia has been intensified during the last few decades, particularly because it has affected eminent musicians such as pianists leon fleisher and gary graffman, violinist peter oundjian, and oboist alex klein, there are aspiring percussionist jean kaluza fights through a focal dystonia diagnosis to pursue her passion for music, and to bring awareness to this neurological dis. Focal dystonia is a neurological condition, a type of dystonia, that affects a muscle or group of muscles in a specific part of the body during specific activities, causing involuntary muscular contractions and abnormal postures. For example, in focal hand dystonia, or writers cramp, the fingers either curl into the palm or extend outward without control. In musicians, the condition is called musicians focal dystonia, or simply, musicians dystonia. Ogy of focal task specic dystonia (ftsd), movement disorders characterized by abnormal motor activation dur-ing the performance of specic, repetitive actions. We focus on two common ftsd, musicians dystonia and writers cramp. Ftsd may pose a threat to the patients livelihood, and improved therapeutic treatments are needed. To learn more about dystonia and the dmrf, contact dystonia medical research foundation one east wacker drive, suite 1730 chicago, illinois 60601-1980 phone toll free 800-377-dyst (3978) email dystoniadystonia-foundation. Org connect with the dmrf on facebook, twitter, and youtube. Dystonia the most common dystonia developing was focal dystonia of the hand or neck gene of low penetrance phenotrype only appears in presence of risk factors genetic carriers have abnormal cortico motor firing (2011) aberrant learning hypothesis fhd fhd does not necessarily develop in patients with adults with focal dystonia typically do not respond as well. The combination of baclofen and valproic acid was found to be helpful in a small number of patients with various focal dystonias 1416

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