Кабель аудио Atcom AT7397 mini-Jack3.5(m) <=> 2RCA(m), 1.5 m, стерео, пакет

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  • Производитель: Atcom
  • Модель:


Описание и характеристики

Кабель аудио mini-Jack3.5(m) <=> 2RCA(m), 1.5 m, стерео, пакет

Arkamys is reconducted as the renesas proactive partner for sound expertise and audio solutions for 2021-2022. Arkamys is equipped into the new media control audio system, your phone becomes the center of the in-car multimedia experience with optimized audio rendering. Arkamys experts have developed a modular, scalable and embedded software solution to improve in-vehicle audio quality and enhance user experience for all types of head unit systems from entry-level to luxury using the existing built-in speakers. Arkamys can address your audio challenges and we can think together about your audio issues increase of audio quality, cost savings with a modular software solution, design of a tailor-made sound signature, access to local sound engineering resources or optimization of your engineering resources with advanced audio tools. Contact us to learn more about arkamys automotive audio offer for. As an expert in automotive sound, arkamys develops excellent relationships with various car sound system oems and tier1 suppliers. Arkamys state-of-the-art audio algorithms are deployed even more rapidly to car manufacturers due to these long-standing connections across the industry. В комплектациях 2016 модельного года появилась новая опция 9vb аудио-пакет arkamys ( 6 динамиков2 виртуальных динамика). Кое-где проскакивала информация о виртуальном сабвуфере в этом пакете

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