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Ive been asked by several people for an ssd tweak guide. There are no tweaks that will squeeze any more performance out of an ssd. There are no tweaks that will squeeze any more performance out of an ssd. Ssd speed tweaks tweaking guide for optimizing solid state drive performance and reliability (updated ) by philip tags ssd, tweak, defragment, pagefile, system restore, hibernate, superfetch, trim, mlc, tlc, slc ssd tweak utility with all the advice online for ssd hard drives, it can take hours of research and fiddling to properly setup your ssd drive. Now, with this little app you can tweak windows 2kxp. I have my intel ssd g2 installed and working (latest firmware in) runing in ahci mode but im not getting the speed that most of you guys are posting. So i was thinking if there is any guide or sticky in how to tweak your ssd in w7 to get the best speedperformance out of it. Â ssd tweak utility enable write caching open the control panel - system and security - device manager - expand disk drives - double click on the listed storage device that you want to enable write caching for - click on the polices tab - by default, enable write caching on the device is checked under the write-caching policy section. This tweak is only useful if you have both ssd as well as hdd in your mac. I moved all the content of users folder to the hdd and created a symbolic link from the ssd to it (so that i dont have to change the home folder location in the user settings, as i read some applications dont like it and may not work correctly)

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