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The basics about disability benefits the ssdi program pays benefits to you and certain family members if you are insured. This means that you worked long enough and recently enough - and paid social security taxes on your earnings. Social security disability insurance pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are insured, meaning that you worked long enough and paid social security taxes. Supplemental security income pays benefits based on financial need. The first program, social security disability insurance (ssdi), only provides benefits to disabled workers who already paid taxes into the trust fund. The second program, supplemental security income (ssi), provides financial assistance and health coverage benefits to disabled americans who havent worked enough to qualify for ssdi. Social security disability insurance (ssdi) benefits have a five month waiting period, which means that benefit payments will not begin before the sixth full month of disability. The ssdi waiting period begins the first full month after the date we decide your disability began. Ssd (social security disability benefits) what is ssd? Ssd is short for social security disability. It is a federal program that gives extra money each month to people who qualify. Who can qualify for ssd? You qualify for ssd if you have a total disability, and you have worked long enough and recently enough, and paid enough in social security taxes. Other people may also qualify for ssd, including people with low or no vision if you are receiving treatment for your mental disability and your symptoms are so severe that you can longer work, you should apply for disability benefits. If you have been off work for 12 months due to your disabling mental health impairments or you believe your mental health impairments will prevent you from working for over a year into the future, you are entitled to apply for benefits. Qualifying for social security disability benefits with diabetes

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