Кинетический песок Kinetic Sand Экскаватор (6044178)

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  • Производитель: Kinetic Sand
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Kinetic void note this is an early access review, written on published date. Consider this a hands-on status update instead of a review. Kinetic void was in my steam library for over a year until i figured hey, lets check back here. Kinetic void is a sand box space simulator developed by badland studio. The possible shapes of your ship is virtually limitless, since it is more about making the shape and less about making it aerodynamic and all that. Kinetic void for pc game reviews & metacritic score kinetic void is a 3d space adventure with a focus on customization and enjoyable space simulation. The shipyard allows players to construct their ship piece by. By brian rubin 12012014 reviews featured videos. Am i doing this right! As one of the early kickstarter space game successes back in 2012, there was a lot of hope riding on kinetic void. At the time, it was a cool ship designer and little else, but backers such as myself figured hey, more. Hey guys heres a update to my other kinetic void review. This video goes over what they added in the new update and how to control the ship. Hey guys, here is a tutorial of kinetic void its a very interesting game and imo worth the money. Just did a review so you guys can see what its all about

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